My roommate and I accidentally joined a CrossFit box when we moved to the Bay Area. 

How does one accidentally join CrossFit? It's a lot easier than you might expect. Long story short, we were browsing the internet for free workout classes. There happened to be a free week of CrossFit at the gym down the street. We signed up. We went to our first class and got addicted. We really didn't mean to commit to 5 months of this sport. It just kinda happened.

Week 1

The first week of CrossFit was learning the fundamentals. It was an hour a day for 5 days. Each day a different coach taught us the basic movements of CrossFit. We learned how to squat properly. We learned what a clean was. We learned how to do a push up. We learned thrusters, and snatches, and deadlifts, and pull-ups, and all the basics you need to start.

On Day 4, my roommate had a conflict so I marched into our fundamentals class alone. That day I learned how to use the rowing machine and we reviewed some lifts. And then, my coach decided to let me join the class. I was TERRIFIED. I didn't know anyone. I was still fuzzy on the movements. And here I was standing in a class of people who come every single day. The workout was a combination of wallballs, burpees, and box jumps. I thought I was in shape, but after that workout, I knew I had a long way to go.

So the first workout may have physically been painful (oh so painful), but the environment of was amazing. People who didn't know me were cheering me on. Everyone was suffering together. It was such a community feel that I didn't really get from other workout classes that I went to. You could say that I was hooked.

Month 1

I learned so much in the first month. Figuring out what the movements are, finding out how weak I was, and just learning what CrossFit is all about. I remember in one of our first workouts, we had to do toes to bar. I couldn't even hang on to the bar long enough to lift my legs at all. I also learned what it meant to be uncomfortable. Like really uncomfortable during a workout. This was the first time I had ever lifted heavy weights. And granted to some people the weights I was doing weren't heavy, but it's all a process.

Month 2

At this point, I kind of had an idea of what was going on. I could look at a workout and sort of what was happening. I also started to recognize people from class. And, I started to lift a little heavier since I was more familiar with the movements.

Months 3 to Now

At this point, I would say going to CrossFit is just part of the routine. I get off of work, check the workout, head to the gym, and crank out a session. I'm friendly with the other CrossFitters at the gym. The coaches know me pretty well. And I'm finally starting to see my strength building. Five months ago, I couldn't do a push up. Now I can do 2! I still can't get a pull-up, but I'm getting darn close. My squats are heavier. My push jerks are heavier. My row time is faster. And I can climb a rope! But there is just still so much room for improvement.

What are My Thoughts On CrossFit

In summary, I love it. It's a wonderful sport with wonderful people. I love the gym I go to ( . All the coaches are great. I've learned so much from them and I continue to learn from them. I feel so much fitter than when I joined. And it's such a good stress reliever. Imagine it to be like meditation. It hurts so much sometimes, that all your outside worries disappear. All you need to think about is finishing the workout.

I don't actually look that much different that when I started. My arms are a bit more defined and I definitely gained some muscle in my legs. But don't worry, all my clothes still fit. No, I didn't turn into the Hulk or anything crazy. I probably should have lost more fat, but we can blame poor office diet for that one.

The only thing I do miss is doing my cardio-focused workout classes. I used to go boxing 3-4 times a week. I really do miss that. If CrossFit was cheaper, I would definitely go less frequently. Right now, I go about 5 days a week. In an ideal world, I'd probably just go 3 days a week and do something else the other days. I do love CrossFit, but I think I could use some variety.

I love the sport though and I hope to keep CrossFitting for years to come :)