As soon as I saw this hike pop up on my Instagram feed, I had to see it myself. Previously known as the world’s most dangerous hike, Caminito Del Rey has quickly become a hotspot for tourists in Southern Spain. While it’s no longer a treacherous trail, the newly reconstructed hike is a safe and remarkable way to see some Spanish nature. Here’s my experience hiking it, and a few tricks and tips if you are looking to go there yourself.

Getting There

Getting to Caminito Del Rey isn’t too bad if you start in Malaga. It’s accessible by train, car, or organized tour. I was already in Malaga so I opted for a tour. The hardest part of getting to Caminito Del Rey is getting a ticket. There are a few ways to secure your entrance.

  1. Book in advance online. This is the most affordable option, but it requires a lot of planning. Tickets can book up months in advance, so getting a ticket this way can be difficult.

  2. Book a tour. This is what I did. While this option is more expensive, you don’t need to worry about transportation and you are guaranteed entry into Caminito Del Rey. I booked through this site, and there were no problems!

  3. Show up and try your luck. If you can’t get tickets, then another option is to show up the day you want to do a hike and try to secure a spot. I’ve heard it’s best to go early in the morning. Every 30 min, a limited number of people are allowed onto the trail. If they don’t hit that limit, then you may be able to enter during that time. There’s no guarantee that this will work.

I choose to book with a tour company. I did this for a few reasons. First, I decided way too late, so getting tickets through their website was not an option. Every ticket was sold out for months! I also was traveling solo, and I didn’t want to show up to the hike and get denied entry. I though the best way to secure my spot was through a tour. This option required the least amount of planning on my part and while it was more expensive, it was completely worth it!

I showed up at the meeting point at 8:30am (a rough wake up time if you decide to go out the night before). We all waited for the bus to show up, and once it did, I showed them my ticket and boarded the bus. Pretty simple!

The Hike

Once you get to the parking lot, there’s a short 15 walk to the entrance of the hike. No big deal, there are signs leading you there. I won’t lie, there was some waiting around once we got there. Again, no big deal. There are bathrooms at the entrance, in case you have to go. Once you get through the line, they give you some hard hats and a safety briefing. Then it’s all systems go!

The hike is along these magnificent cliffs. Below is a running river, so don’t drop your phone! If you are afraid of heights, this might not be the most pleasant hike. However, at no point did I ever feel like I was in danger. There’s a guard rail along the entire trail. At first, it was a mass of people all starting the hike at the same time, but people start to dissipate the further you go.

The views are INSANE. I really don’t have a better adjective to describe the scenery. Breathtaking. Immense. You could even say it looked holy. The entirety of the hike is striking. From the rock, to the wildflowers, the river, and even the man made features, this hike is gorgeous.

The hike is about 5 km or a little over 3 miles. It takes about 2 hours to do since you’ll be taking your time and snapping some photos. It’s VERY hot as well, so you might want to take a moment to sit in the shade and enjoy some water. I would 100% recommend bringing water. The Spanish sun is no joke.

After the hike, we hopped back on the bus and returned to Malaga. We returned just around 2:30ish. The hike is a half-day affair, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the remainder of the day, or take a siesta!


Here are some quick tips if you plan on visiting Caminito Del Rey!

  • SUNSCREEN. There isn’t a lot of shade. Lather up on sunscreen or you will get burnt. If you are like me, you should re-apply, too!

  • WATER. Again, it’s really hot. Bring plenty of water. You’ll be thankful that you did.

  • COMFY WALKING SHOES. While this is not a strenuous hike (anyone can do it), you will be walking for 2ish hours. I was happy wearing my sneakers.

  • TICKETS. I am glad I booked through a tour group. But even if that’s not what you want to do, plan ahead and get your trip figured out.

  • NOT OPEN ON MONDAYS. As of now, Caminito Del Rey is NOT open on Mondays. When you are planning your visit, keep this in mind.

  • CAMERA. Whatever camera you have, make sure it’s charged and ready for action. You’ll want to capture these amazing views.


Caminito Del Rey could be your next adventure. I am so glad I made the time to see it. It was some of the coolest nature I’ve ever seen. Hope you’ve enjoyed! :)