In accordance with a lot of my other posts, this one is another long overdue post. I went to Seattle back in November with one of my besties to visit our friend who was interning at Amazon. Here are some of the highlights and recommendations from our mini adventure!

The North Cascades

The North Cascades are a national park located about a 3 hour drive North of Seattle. We were planning to do a day hike, but it had snowed heavily the night before and the trails were covered. Unfortunately, the hike had to get scrapped, but I’m so glad we went anyway. The views were incredible. As an East Coast girl, I’m always in awe of the majestic West Coast mountains.

The Amazon Spheres

This monstrosity of a structure may be referenced as Jeff Bezos’s crystal balls, but they are pretty rad. It’s only open to the public on certain days, but luckily our friend swiped us in. It’s nice to see. There’s a cafe inside and lots of plants. But because there are so many plants, it’s rather misty inside. We didn’t stay too long. Sorry the images aren’t great, my camera kept fogging up… sigh…

Pike Place

Like any true Seattle tourist, we had to see Pike Place market. It’s home to some famous attractions, including the gum wall and the original Starbucks. The market itself is a maze. There’s a ton of boutique vendors, plenty of dining options, and some good photo opportunities. We didn’t end up drinking coffee from the OG Starbucks since the line was insane, but it was cool to see the origins of coffee overlords.

The University of Washington

University of Washington is located actually within Seattle, which is pretty neat. One of my oldest friends, Nicole, is studying there so she gave us a tour. Shoutout to Nicole for being a day 1 homie. As a student of Northeastern, it was crazy to see a school with a legit campus. The place was huge, and so beautiful. Down a ways from the main campus area is a shopping mall so we bopped around there too. I ended up caving and buying a book from the Amazon Book Store.

Other Fun Activities

While those are some of the highlights of the trip, we had fun doing some other things as well. These include:

  • The Ballard Farmers Market

  • Shopping Around Fremont

  • Fremont Brewing Company

  • Gas Works Park

  • Drinks at Canon - so good and fun!

I’d love to visit the PNW again soon. There’s always so much more to do and see! Until next time, Seattle xx

And, big thanks to Emma for housing us and entertaining us while we were there!