Well, gee whiz. The year is nearly complete. In a traditional nostalgic fashion, I'm taking a second to reflect on the year past. It's been the best of times. And it's been the worst of times. (at least that's what the people say, right?)

But for real, so much has happened. I moved to NYC for an internship, I lived that startup life, I returned to Boston for classes, I found some great new friends, I dealt with all the boy problems, and I'm still here. Anyway, here's the 17 things I've learned in 2017.

  1. Boys are important, but always put yourself first.
  2. Trust your gut. It's almost always right.
  3. Eating well and exercising make a world of difference.
  4. Money does not grow on trees. Unfortunately.
  5. Paying rent sucks a lot. It sucks your money, and your soul. Make sure you have a good landlord.
  6. Good friends will stick around. 
  7. Suck up your ego and apologize, even if you think it's too late.
  8. Try new things alone. No one cares that you're there by yourself.
  9. Ask for help if you need it.
  10. It's nice to come home and hang out for a while. Don't forget about family and friends.
  11. Make coffee at home because buying it everyday is expensive AF.
  12. A good cry can fix a lot.
  13. Updating your social media is a great way to get attention. Thank God I didn't peak in high school.
  14. Reconnect with old friends. It's amazing how much you will both appreicate it.
  15. Eat real food
  16. Surround yourself with people who make you want to be a better you. 
  17. Hard work pays off.

Thanks for a great year. Cheers to the next!